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EJ25 rear main still leaking after recently replaced

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Last summer I had my engine out (2001 EJ252), and replaced the rear main among other work (including new head gaskets).


Today I had to pull the motor because my clutch was burned out by an inexperienced driver, and noticed the rear main that was replaced appears to be leaking. Last summer I didn't reseal the separator plate, so is it possible that the oil seeping from the separator plate was flung around the back of the flywheel in such a way as to make it look like the rear main is still leaking -- or is that just wishful thinking?


Additionally, if it is the rear main leaking for sure, how and why would a new dealership seal that was installed correctly (I didn't bend it, didn't scratch the crank or outer sealing area during install, and I've replaced many many rear main seals)???



Here's a picture.


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