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2012 Legacy CVT filter/fluid change?

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Has anyone done a CVT filter/fluid change on their Legacy?


The dealer tells me that the only filter they show is a round cartridge type, which I have since found is buried deep within the trans & is not accessible unless you disassemble it.


The pan has 10 bolt holes, is mostly square with one corner cut at an angle. Some pics & threads I have found on google show a "standard" type flat filter inside the pan, like most "normal" transmissions, but I can't seem to get the correct part at Napa, Autozone or other parts houses.


Anyone have any info. on this?


Thanks! :)

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in a very simple nut shell


1. drive car until fully warmed up

2. raise car and ensure it is level

3. remove fill bolt on side of trans

4. using a container that has volume markings, remove drain bolt and let fluid out

5. replace drain bolt and use a new washer

6. add CVT fluid until it comes out of the hole on side of transmission. Most people use a hand pump and a tube


video here


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Thanks YeuEmMaiMai,


I can certainly do it as you suggested, however...


I was going to have my shop do a flush on it, using their machine. I wanted to change the filter out as well. I would like to get all of the old gunky fluid removed, and I know a simple drain won't accomplish that.

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