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Accessing obstructed upper nut on 06 blower assembly

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I'm getting set to take out my blower motor assembly for the second time. It's held in by a bolt and two nuts on studs. The upper nut is in a shallow well/box on the assembly, and straight-in access is partially obstructed by an air duct.


I can't get my fancy swivel-ratchet box wrench on it because it's in that well. Can't get a socket with a U-joint on it, because the stud protrudes far enough that I need a longish socket on it, and the socket plus the U-joint interferes with that duct. It took me the better part of an hour to tighten that nut last time.


Is there a trick to this? A fancy tool that I haven't acquired yet?

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> Get the air duct out of your way.


Yeah. I can squeeze it a bit, but not enough. There's really nowhere for it to go.


According to the service manual, removing the duct means removing the instrument panel and airbag (which are not part of the blower assy removal sequence). If that's the alternative, it's probably easier to just skin my knuckles and whimper about the nut in question.


So that's what I'll do. Whinging complete, thanks for your sympathy. For completeness, here's a photo with the nut circled. The duct is the white thing all across the top of the image.



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