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James' Yellow 1998 "banana boat" RSB

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Hey all thought I would share my Legacy with you chaps. This is my 1998 Subaru Legacy RS-B BD5 it was my first car and I have owned it for nearly 3 years, it was purchased with 228,000 kilometers on the clock and was a factory twin turbo'd 5 speed manual with the ej20r engine. in late 2015 I grenaded the bottom end as these older ej20s love to do and decided to rebuild the car, since purchase I have done quite alot to the car including a single turbo conversion.

The car has been back on the road running and registered for a week now and I couldn't be any happier with the car so far, I'll let this thread be the journey from this point in time. and attach the mod list below.



89' RS 20G Closed deck block

V4 Sti Crankshaft

V8 JDM 2.0l Sti conrods

CP 2.0l Forged Pistons

20k STi Heads

V3 STI camshafts.

12mm Oil pump

Gates blue timing belt with OEM tensioners and water pump



Single turbo conversion

V1 RS legacy Exhaust manifold

SG forester Up-pipe

VF24 Turbocharger

2.5 inch De-cat Divorced downpipe

3 inch HKS Silent hi power exhaust system



Snorkal/Intake resonator delete

Silicone turbo inlet

TT top mount intercooler (front mount in works)

Blitz SS VD Blow off Valve

V4 STI intake manifold (powdercoated yellow)

Split fuel rails with regulators deleted

D1 Spec Fuel pressure regulator

V3-4 STi wastedspark coil setup

Larger ID HT leads in yellow :cool:

PCV Deleted


Other engine bay mods:

Catch can setup venting to atmo (legal in NZ)

A/C deleted

Silicone water hoses

earthing kit



V4 Sti bucket seats

Boost, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure gauges

Sti 5 speed shift knob

Air freshener :lol:



OEM GTB 17 inch wheels

GTB limited front bumper


Also have a LINK g4+ programmable ecu to be installed but for now im running a stock v4 sti ecu


heres some pictures























I'll do my best to keep this thread updated. Cheers for you're time.

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I've never seen it. Not even in pics. Only yellow subarus i've seen are the bugeyes, brz, XV crosstrek


Its a JDM only colour only came on the 97-98 model legacies and a very few amount of GC8 Sti coupes and sedans. I imagine a factory cashmere yellow GF8 wagon is a super unicorn haha

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