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Need help with with p0442 small leak detected

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Hi forum I've been issue with this code symptom with out the code present and present also every time i fill up tank the first try to turn on the car start and turn off immediately start again and turns on with a little rattle kind of like a misfire feel no more the 2 second after that car is fine the p0442 small leak detected pop out every 1000 /1500 mile after resetting the code and most of time wild on cruise control i change the gas cap and did a smoke test am thinking it could be the purge valve anyone has had this issue
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Holy run-on sentence Batman!


Hard start after fill up is indicative of a sticking purge valve but its impossible to diag on the internet. You can take the purge off and bench test it.


First, you'll need to know if it's normally open or closed. I don't remember off the top of my head but maybe someone else can chime in or you can search.


Then, you will need to be able to apply power and ground to the valve. I like using a Powerprobe but you could simply use 2 pieces of wire or voltmeter cables.


If the valve is naturally closed and you can blow through it upon removal, it's bad. If it's naturally open and you can't blow through it, it's bad. If it passes that test, energize it multiple times (I like to do it ~30 times) to see if it sticks.


Did the smoke machine flat line and seal up completely when you did that test?

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