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New Turbo for 08 LGT

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Yesterday my turbo in my 08 LGT blew at 116K, The dealership quoted me $800 for labor with my employee discount and $1500 for a new turbo. The service adviser said to me "I would just go fine one yourself and bring it in." So.... Now I need to find a new/slightly used turbo. Ideas of the best place to buy a new Turbo with all of the parts I would need? I'm looking to keep it at or below $800.




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Try messaging forum member JmP6889928


He's well known on the forums for rebuilding Subaru turbos. I just had him redo my 09 turbo a couple months ago. He offers an OEM option as well as an upgraded billet compressor wheel option. You would have to provide your turbo as the core for the rebuild, so you'd need to make sure the housing isn't damaged. I chose the billet wheel and after shipping I was right in the ballpark of what you're looking to spend. He was a pleasure to work with and answered all my questions. Turn around time was really great as well (would likely depend on how busy he is). I'm sure he can give you plenty of information and a quote. Good luck.

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