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5eat transmission filter


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Car is an 08 3.0R. Bought the car with a bad transmission. Have another trans on its way. In the interim I pulled the trans out. Before I pulled it I dropped the pan for curiosity sake looking for debris. I am a mechanic for a living and have done plenty of subaru work. I am used to seeing a screen filter attached to the valve body. On mine is a more traditional paperish filter, picture included. I called our subaru dealer to order a new one for the incoming trans. Going off the vin they tell me that it uses the screen type and show no listing for what I have. Now the bad trans is a subaru reman 50k ago. That doesn't mean someone hasn't been in there since then and changed the screen type to what I have. My question is for anyone that has dropped their trans pan, what do you have? Screen type or traditional filter type?


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