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Bass Roll-off on H/K System?

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I'm a future Legacy owner (maybe even as early as this weekend). I'm certainly going to buy a used 2015-16 Limited. And I'm already planning my sound system upgrade.


So since I'm looking at the Limited trim I know that I will have to work with the Harman Kardon amp which also means that I will need an OEM integration DSP. I also know that some OEM manufactures add a "bass roll-off" where as the volume gets loader, the system will automatically EQ the bass down to "protect" the cheap speakers. So this is what I need to know pick my DSP... Has anyone experienced "bass roll-off" on the Limited H/K system?



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That is what I'm trying to avoid. While I might get over not touching the OEM volume controls on the dash and in the steering wheel, my wife, on the other hand, would not. She is already afraid to touch my home receiver remote because it has "too many buttons".


Out of curiosity, do you use your DSP's remote control for volume? Where did you mount it?

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