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Can't login from mobile chrome on android

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Weird issue with logging in here from chrome on my android phone.


I'll enter my user name and password, it'll say thanks for logging in apexi.. but then on the next page, I'm not actually logged in, when the page reloads it just shows a blank user name and password box again.


I'm good with computers but I'll admit I've been lazy on troubleshooting this. I checked, and in mobile chrome cookies are allowed, and I can't think of what else it could be off the top of my head. I plan to do more troubleshooting after I post this, but I figure it couldn't hurt to ask in the meantime.


*I forgot to mention, I haven't had any problems in the past. I just noticed this problem within the last week or so.


**So, it's fixed. I just uninstalled, and reinstalled chrome. I tried that before, but this time I didn't do "sign into chrome". I reinstalled chrome last week after removing it, or getting rid of all the updates, whatever you do in mobile chrome since it wouldn't let me completely "uninstall" it.

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