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2005 outback 3.0 H6 metal rattling noise

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I have recently notice this rattling noise with my car and hopefully I can obtain some inputs from you gents


Car: 2005 outback 3.0L H6 with 85k miles


When car is at full stop and in gear(foot on brake, shifter in Drive), there's some metal rattling noise coming from the frontend (underbody). There's no noticeable vibration just the rattling noise....

(if the gear is in neutral there's no rattling noise)


The rattling noise goes away as soon as I lift my foot off the brake and the car starts to move.



Car drives completely fine and normal, no weird noise beside the one I just described. Any idea?


Thanks in advance.

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^ Thanks gents, I will definitely have the mechanic look into that next time when I bring the car for service.


Subaru's always get rattling heat shields as they age. Mechanics that see even small volumes of Subarus will be quick to spot this, and there are several quick fixes including sheetrock screws and large hose clamps. I'm sure it sounds like redneck fixes, but they are easier than welding and far cheaper than replacing a catalytic converter.


The shields vibrate differently depending on the engine load. Only certain vibrations end up making metal-to-metal contact. Sometimes they rattle at idle, and sometimes during acceleration. Sometimes they only do it as the engine revs.

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MilesA, whitetiger


Care to explain why the rattling noise only occurs when the car is at full stop and in gear?




harmonic vibration at that idle rpm. at higher rpm there is less vibration dues to engine smoothness.

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