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3.6R aftermarket intake on 3.0R?

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Anyone have experience with both the 3.6 in the newer leggys and the 3.0 in the '05? Found an intake that uses the front half of the stock airbox and the snorkus. Seems pretty cool and judging by the picture looks about the same fitment as the 3.0. Does anyone know if the engine bay is a similar layout in the newer cars and is the top end of the 3.6 physically similar to the 3.0?



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the main thing is the maf housing size. as long as it is the same as on the 3.or stock unit, then it should be fine if you can get it to fit in the car. if the maf housing is different than stock, you will need a tune, or it wont work since the maf sensor wont measure the right amount of air.
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