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AVO Double Din HVAC Backlight Issues


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Ok Folks, Needing help here.


Bought a working package AVO Double Din, Head unit, and Harnesses. Went in like cake, stereo works as it should and all climate control functions work with no issues. However, when I turn my running lights, or full headlights, on the HVAC backlights will not turn on (i.e mode, A/C, Auto, etc.) The screen functions, and dims, with no issue though.


The Illumination wires from the deck harness and the I88 are mated and then butt connected into the female end of the plug going back to the factory harness. I redid the connection to make sure that wasn't the issue with no luck.


I checked the ILM Fuse and it's not blown. All other interior lights are working perfectly. The head unit dims as well as the actual HVAC screen when I turn the lights on.


I've included a photo for reference. (Sorry for the poor lighting n the photo, bit tough to get everything exposed as it should with a bright screen.)


Car is an 2005 LGT that came with a 201 head unit and dual climate from the factory.


Any and all insight is appreciated.



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