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A bulge in my sidewall tire...


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I bought my wheels and tires used from the Nasioc forum a couple of months ago. 2 weeks ago i just mounted it,balanced, and i still had heavy vibrations during highway speed.

Then,my friend found out that 1 of the front tire has a bulge (about an inch in diameter) on the sidewall, and he said that the steel wires inside was broken. I moved that to the rear, and now the vibration is gone.

The seller said that he used it for 4-5k miles,and i've used it for 1k miles now,so total is 5-6k miles. Tread looks good all around.

I went to Discount tire,and the guy said i just need to replace that one only. A Goodyear dealer said i need to replace 2 to balance right&left.

What do you guys think?Is this dangerous? Should i replace it asap? How many?

It's Goodyear F-1 btw, costs about $230 each.So it's kinda expensive if i want to replace all of them...

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You might be able to replace just one. Have them measure the circumference and make sure that the new one is within 0.25" of the rest. If not, maybe they can shave the new one to match the wear of the others (I'd only read that this could be done--never seen it done by local shops).
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Personally I would think if the tyre has a buldge, the previous owner has hit a pothole or gutter etc. They can be quite dangerous because u just never know when it is going to let go. I sort of agree with the Tyre salesman saying u need to balance but what you could do is just buy one and do a wheel rotation every few thousand K just to keep everything nice and tight.


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