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Legacy 2005 parts question


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Engine light and cruise light came on couple days ago, then off then yesterday back on. Found oil dip stick dry. Put in oil to hold til I can get to repair place this week, will not drive til I have appointment. No oil on floor to indicate a leak, 3rd time this has happened - no oil - and no 'oil low' warning light (early issues with bad oil filer seals), so that itself is irritating. However did note another issue, but don't know what the part is or how bad the problem. Picture here, on passenger's side. Anyone know what the part is?


I did the paper clip file upload steps here... hopefully the picture will show up.


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That would be your axle, I read somewhere on here that it's a common problem for the boot to tear on the passenger side due to it being so close to the downpipe. If you're feeling up to it theres a how-to here: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/replace-rebuild-torn-cv-boot-and-axle-108975.html


For the oil, these cars tend to burn oil especially as they get older; I've read that the oil pressure light will not come on until it is too late so you should keep an eye on your oil level every once in a while.


Good luck!

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