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05 Outback 5eat won't shift past 3rd, P0715

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So I got an 05 Outback 3.0r 5eat. Bought it knowing about a tranny issue. The tranny shutters and shifts hard most of the time, and when you try shifting past 3rd, the sport light starts blinking and you get a cel. At first it had a P0700, P0715, and P1710. Turbine speed sensor 2 was not reading when I data logged it with romraider. So I had a tech come look at it, he said replace the valve body, which makes sense since speed sensor 2 is in the valve body.


So I bought a used 5eat trans (same valve body part number I confirmed). Put the newer valve body in the 3.0r. So I go to test drive it... has the exact same problem as before. Only difference now is it only throws a P0700 and P0715, no longer throws a P1710.


I tried discharging the whole system by pulling the 2 battery terminals and touching them together for 30 seconds, figured maybe the tcu needed to be reset. Still has the same problem after that.


So has anyone seen this before? What could I possibly try next?

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this is helpful as well as an overview of the steps the specific document attached above has you test for. The clue is to concentrate on the 0715 error as the other is generic. I can't imagine since you have done the valve body you haven't already checked these things?



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