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GroupN Engine Mount Problem

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Yup I had the same headaches with mine. I got one side perfect, then got it tightened up so it's still sitting all crooked, had an engine lift at the time since the engine was just rebuilt. Pulled from the top side, same side as the mount that just got tightened down, with the lift. you could probably push up on the same side with just a regular jack or possibly skip this step entirely. Point I was get at is then I smacked the side thAt is loose and not flush in the subframe with a rubber mallet. literally only 2 times, it slip over that notch that is causing it to not sit flush. Tightened it up, lossened the other side to see if it would pop out,it didn't, tightened it back up and went Inside because it had started snowing on me, and it took me about 2 frusterating hours of struggling...
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