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P0500 But Everything Works????

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2009 Legacy 2.5i, 4eat, SE. I've read several of the threads regarding this speed sensor code, but none seem to have the same symptoms I'm experiencing. Out of the blue, the CEL came on accompanied by the VDC and blinking cruise lights. There wasn't any service or repairs before the CEL came on, either. Everything else works; ABS is fine; no limp home mode; speedo works; mileage is still good. I plugged in my scan tool and was surprised to see only a P0500 code. Found one thread that suggested that the screws holding the speedo to the circuit board were loose. Mine isn't fastened that way. Anyway, I cleared the code, but after a few miles it came back on. Cleared it again, but haven't driven too far since. It's off now, but I'm curious if anyone else has had this happen and, if so, what causes it? I'm pretty new on the this forum, but have already found a lot of helpful threads. Thanks.
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