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Reccomendations for good Front Range shop - clutch replacement


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Hey all,


So I finally killed the OEM clutch at 118k on my 2005 LGT. I knew it was coming, but fate decided not to work with my hopeful timeline. :'(


So, I am in need of a clutch replacement. I would eventually like to learn to do the work myself, but I do not have the time in my life right now to deal with the learning curve. I know I want to go with a clutch that is a little beefier, for both future plans and durability. (E.g Exedy Stage 1 Organic)


Does anyone have recommendations for a shop in he Denver area that will do a good clutch job with aftermarket parts? I have a maintenance shop I go to, but they typically do not deal in aftermarket parts with their installs it seems.


Thanks for the advisement, all!



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