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Stock EJ255 Piston Sourcing

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Not sure if this should be in turbo specific forum but


Looking to source stock size AB pistons for my 08 specB rebuild


Quick google search reveals DNJ or NPR pistons which appear to be cheap Tawainese or Chinese pistons. These companies offer a 'complete rebuild kit' which includes everything (Still going with OEM Gasket kit)

The whole kit is something like $600 :lol:


Heuberger has OEM for 75-95 a pop. Plus rings they'd be around $500


Only forged option I'm considering would be Wossners or Mahles or similar 4032 offerings. With rings these would probably be around $750


I know I know I should've just bought an EJ257 shortblock.

I've already gotten this deep into my motor and I'm fairly confident I can do it for less than the $1900 for the SB, plus assembly.

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