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looking at a 2008 spec b with 155,000 miles.


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Maintenance history is very important to know on these cars. Oil changes at 3,750 mile intervals with correct oil filter are called for. If you don't know the history, think twice, there is a reason the previous owner traded.


If there is a failed turbo in the recent past, run away screaming.


Other than that, there are a ton of similar posts on here with probably more info than you want to know.


It is high mileage for a turbo car, you should probably budget money for maintenance and repairs so you don't get caught out if you do buy it. Timing belt service is somewhat expensive if that is due. It is very important since these are interference engines.


BTW, if the dealers service department approved it, keep in mind they have a vested interest in selling you the car. Consider an independent inspection by an experienced person if you want the car. Getting a compression/leakdown test would be a very good idea.


Sorry to be cynical, but there is an unethical practice with a lot of these cars, which is where the previous owner heavily modifies the car, flogs it, then later takes all the mods off and deceptively sells the car as though it were kept stock. Let the buyer beware, that is why an independent inspection is a good idea.

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