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The tuner/shop that did the initial protune on my OBXT several years ago has recommended that I ditch the GFB Respons every time they see it still installed on my car. They indicated that in their experience they've seen them tend to leak noticeably. I believe they're aware of how that particular valve can yield false positives through the recirc port when doing std smoke tests.


Mine's running full VTA (not my preference, long story), and b/c the recirc port is completely shut, smoke tests have never shown a 'leak' at the valve. All the logging I've done b/n gears in various conditions shows the rich dip b/n shifts isn't that large in magnitude and is a fraction of a sec in duration. It's been configured this way for the past 2.5+ yrs (~50k mi) and so far no apparent ill-effects.


The car will act up a bit if I romp on/off the throttle in quick succession several times, but I never do that except to deliberately test the response. I'm used to the noise (my modded 93 RX7 runs VTA too), but I sometimes do wish for a bit more stealth. It -is- good for egging on other drivers w/ modded turbo cars who normally don't give the OBXT the time of day. In the 3.5+ yrs I've had the car, I've had 2 ppl recognize & ask me about the 04 STi BBS wheels & Brembos, and have only had 1 guy notice the STi 6MT shift knob and put 2 & 2 together to realize it has a Spec B 6MT swap. I suppose "They never suspect the wagon. Ever." is somewhat true.

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