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Legacy SPEC.B 3.0R - spare wheel question


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Hi All,


I own a 2005 Legacy SPEC.B 3.0R fitted with (the default) 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels.


A (non-Subaru) garage has used my (spare) 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheel for winter tires - and just put a 17-inch yellow flat temporary iron wheel as my new spare wheel. They claim 17-inch is "the standard" for my car.


This thread makes it doubtful that Subaru would use a 17-inch spare wheel:



Was the garage right? Can I really use a 17-inch temporary wheel with three 18-inch wheels?


Thank you for your assistance!

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Wheels size as measured in diameter is not really what matters in this case. What matters is circumference of the tire. You can have a higher profile tire on a smaller wheel and get close to the same circumference.


Aside from that, the temporary tire is really only intended to get you a few miles to a place where you can get your flat tire fixed. It is OK for that.


BTW, if you have to use your spare, mount it on the back. Swap one of the rear tires with a front tire if necessary.

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Agreed for the high-profile spare-tire - might not work as well with 3 winter tires - but I got the idea.


Mounting on the back makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the advice as I might not have had the reflex to do it.


Thanks for your time and for the quality answer - it's a real pleasure to enter a forum for the first time and get such insights immediately.


Long life to Subaru, its fans, and its ecosystem!


It's not related to my issue but you might be interested to know:


Ford's automotive subsidiary Livio has developed a platform called SmartDeviceLink (SDL) which is now used by Ford + Toyota + PSA + Mazda + Subaru (as opposed to the Apple and Google Automotive platforms for connected cars used by other car manufacturers).


Subaru joining this pair of giants is good news for Navigation and Entertainment systems which will have a longer lifespan than today (I could not find an up-to-date DVD upgrade for my Legacy).


Feel free to copy and paste this information anywhere in the forum where it will make sense.

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