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Gauge Cluster malfunction

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Hello Everyone,

Need some help from you guys!

I have a 2000 Legacy BH5 GT-B Etune that comes with the blackout gauge cluster / dials.

Lately the entire cluster has been playing up, at times the fuel gauge would not work, at times the temp gauge would play up (going all the way to red or drop down completely then stabilize at the required position), the speedo would also fail at times and now the lighting in the ring around the rev counter is flickering. At one time the entire cluster lighting had failed and was flickering. Someone told me to take the cluster out and clean up all the connections and put it back. I did that and it worked fine for sometime but is now back with the same problem. I was told that these models with the blackout clusters had this common issue, a factory grounding defect. They told me many have fixed this problem by sorting out the grounding issue in the cluster.

Has anyone in here had the same problem?? how have you fixed it??? I do not really want to spend on getting a new cluster, definitely not if it is a common defect through out the models. Besides, in my country a new cluster will cost an arm and a leg!

Any help from you guys will be highly appreciated!

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