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2017 Legacy Navagation

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In your bundle of owners manuals there are books dedicated to the nav system, Starlink, and other tech. I'd suggest you check them out and play around with the system to understand it better.


The command string for setting the nav is "Navigation -> Destination -> Address -> say the address -> Go"


I find it more accurate at a standstill or city speeds than the highway, presumably road noise can affect the voice pickup.

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So are the voice commands feature useful? Meaning once figured out, is it easy to use , and works well? :spin:


I have found the voice commands feature on navigation to be a bit difficult especially if the destination (street/suburb/city) is an odd sounding name and Siri tries to guess what you are trying to say .... so I usually end up typing it in. But in theory it works.


Too often though I find I relate to this scenario .....


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