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Suspension Help for BL9


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Hey guys,


Bought my BL9 about 2 years ago and loving it. My work shop thinks the coilover set up it came with is failing because I complained about the noise and how uncomfortable/bouncy the ride is becoming. The shop suggested I switch to Bilstein shocks + springs since I never adjust the coilovers and it will be more comfortable. However, they said it will be quite expensive at $2K+ and I'm not sure I want to spend so much so...


I did some reading on Bilstein shocks for the BL9 and it's so confusing lol... There is JDM and non JDM, B6 and B8 and HD, then there is all kinds of springs to go along like STI Pinks or Teins or Corazon etc. Does anyone here have any recommendation for me? I would prefer something more comfortable and able to last about 3 years since that's when the car will be scrapped.


I found some links of Bilsteins for sale but not sure which is best... will I need to buy dust caps/hats/boots separately? Is the 2K+ price (in Singapore) the shop quoted reasonable or should I just try to buy everything online? I assume there's no difference for the suspension for left and right hand drive cars?









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