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LGT 5mt vibration help (videos)


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Ended up installing a short shifter and new shifter bushings back in September. After the install, I noticed an annoying vibration sound occurring with my foot off of the gas (coasting) at around 2100rpms. I let it go since I was coming up on the move, and just suspected it to be the short shifter. This week I finally had time and went in and greased the crap out of the shifter. Vibrations still existed. Yesterday I switched back to the stock shifter, and to my horror, the vibration is still here, only now it occurs loudest at 2400rpms. I uploaded 2 videos to YouTube because I am at a loss...and vibration noises like this kill me. I also only notice it when coasting, not accelerating (the videos I have cruise control on going down a hill)


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