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Trunk jostles open constantly. Help!

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Hey there,


2008 Subaru Legacy sedan with 140k miles on it. Bought it a year ago, and the trunk vibrates open on bumpy roads now. It can even take just one good bump to pop it.


A few months back, sometimes the thing just plain wouldn't close. I'd slam the trunk down & it wouldn't latch. I had to cycle the trunk lock w/ the FOB or the lever to get it to accept the latch on close.


I still have to cycle the lock like that, but now the trunk opens every time I drive it.


Is this just a busted latch that needs replacing? Do I just go spend ~$80 on 57530AG010 and replace it myself?

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sounds like it was rear ended. Take it to a body shop you trust and let their experienced eye have a look to determine what's wrong. If it's not from a bad repair or out of alignment then you can at least then look more closely at the latch mechanism knowing that's all it is.


This is not a normal fault, there is no magic fix such as 'oil here and all will be better' but at best that might be something you can start to do, make sure it's lubricated and moving like it should so it can close tightly in case the latch is only partially coming over the hook.


Good luck.

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Probably not a broken latch, just a sticky latch mechanism. I'd suggest trying something like this.


If you have penetrating oil like PB Blaster, try spraying that on there and letting it work a few minutes.


Then open and slam the latch a few times to see if you can get it working again.


Once things are freed up with the latch mechanism, apply a spray on lube such as white lithium grease. Wipe off the excess and you should be good for awhile.


If this does not work, your latch may need adjustment

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[ATTACH]245617[/ATTACH]Just an update here for those who were curious -


Upon further investigation, it looks like the latch mechanism was misaligned with the fixed receiver at the bottom of the trunk. So, every time I closed the trunk, it was wearing away at one side of the latch mechanism to the point where the hook no longer reached all the way across.


Poor illustration:



Replacing the aforementioned part should resolve the issue.

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