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Installing HIDs. Need help with Wires & Housing

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Hi. I'm installing H7 HIDs in my low beams and can't figure out the best way to connect the bulb wire to the ballast. Do I need to drill a hole through the waterproof "Dust" cover?

Also I was planning to use an upgraded wiring harness that connects to the battery that would require the female end of the headlight plug to be on the outside of the housing. Do I need to splice into the harness before that wire goes into the headlight housing from the back.... Or can I buy the harness adapter and make my own harness without affecting the original?

Lastly, how do I remove the headlight housings if needed? Does the bumper need to come off?


EDIT* Found how to remove headlights: headlight-clearing-w-pics

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yes your going to need to drill a hole on the dust caps, a 1 in hole will be perfect.

bumper must come off to remove headlamps. shouldn't have to though.


if needed remove airbox for more room and remove battery for more room.

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This is a Test Fit only Not installed yet.

But HUGE Improvement!!!

HID is in the right side headlight on all 3 pictures. The projector makes an incredible cutoff line - It's so defined with the brighter light.




This road curves to the right, that's why the left looks a bit more lit.





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Here is a diagram of the harness I'm using so the headlight plug needs to be on the outside of the housing. I'm going to connect into the wire as it runs along the back of the housing. I'm hoping to purchase a spare housing plug to leave the OE intact.


Pic and harness are from: ddmtuning.com


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I had a DDM Kit on my 99 Legacy - including that same setup.


A few notes:

1- It should have come with the proper connector to connect right up to the OEM Headlight Plug

2- It should have weatherproof connectors - so all the other wiring should be fine outside of of the headlight dust caps and inside the engine bay

3 - You will need to drill a hole in the cap - but go the hardware store and fine a grommet and that should be able to seal the hole and allow wires to pass through (DDM might even sell them or come with the kit?)

4 - I didn't connect grounds to actual ground points - but instead wired them all right back to the negative on the battery - never had an issue with startup and it was a 55W Kit!

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Okay I hooked up the HID harness & bulbs over the weekend. I used a quarter to size the hole through the dust cover and a Demal with sanding wheel.




I cut the wire because they're not needed. At first I thought I had to splice new ends on it, but realized they're not needed at all. The HID harness plugs straight into the ballast. I left these wire ends in to help keep things waterproof.



And cut the H7 plug off the OE harness and spliced in 9006 male ends for the HID harness



The grey plug connects to the main car's harness at the back of the head light. The first black plug to the right of it goes to the high beam, and the plug on the right is the new plug end that goes into the HID upgraded harness. I used the harness because I'm using 55 watt HID ballasts.

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