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Rear view mirror - irregular bracket type


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Hello everybody!


My name is Eddie and I am an owner of a fifth gen (2010-2012) Legacy 2.0


The issue is that I want to remove the original mirror and have a rear view mirror that has a DVR in it and a backup reverse camera that is recorded too.


I have received a matching bracket to it but it seems that my original and replacement brackets, I can't find anywhere instructions of how to remove them and they are not any of what I find in the net.


Net the ford type (universal) bracket, not the type you turn 90 degrees and not the type that is seen at the BRZ models with 3 screws inside.


If you want an example to my bracket you can see it here.


As well I am attaching the photos.



Does any one happen to stumble with these in the past and knows how to remove them? any special tools needed?


It seem the only groove possible is from above and it is very thin.








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