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New to Subaru, Just have a couple questions.

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Hey everyone, im new to the subaru world.


I just picked up a 91 wagon and about to pick up a 96 wagon hopefully.


Do the first gen and 2nd gen parts match up pretty good?


I need:

core support

front bumper

head lights




I just want to know if they will cross over from 2nd gen to 1st and whats the chacne of parting out the 96? Do people still need parts for it? Id part out everything on it as logn as you pay the shipping. Thanks and im sorry if this is n the wrong section.




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Although similar, the parts won't fit....maybe the core support? But doubt it.

Post a FOR SALE in the Marketplace section - specific to your year - search under Forums.


I'd be interested in the '96 DRIVER's side sun visor...depending on color and when avl...selling my car.


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