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Weird whining noise


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First off I'm new to this so not sure what all I need to include or if this is even the right spot to post this. So I recently bought a used 2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5 Manual transmission. The car has 120k miles on it. When I purchased it I heard a small grinding noise when accelerating over thirty mph. I took it to three shops and no one could pin point it. Well yesterday I was driving home from college and I heard a deep whining noise. I didn't think much of it but kept going home. Almost home the noise got so loud it was giving me a headache. Some more specifics on the noise and other problems I e noticed:


1. The noise only happens greater than 20mph

2. The noise increases with speed and not engine rpm

3. The noise is there when car is in motion regardless of gear or if the engine is on or off

4. I noticed when I push the clutch in shifting up, the Rpm will be at 2.5k and jump up a bit and then go back down to under 1k.

5. There has been a few times on my way home when shifting into fifth it was a bit hard to do and there was a bit of noise.

6. My transmission fluid is low, but not empty (getting more to add when stores open back up)


Also the car had a wheel bearing replaced 3k miles ago along with an oil change. at 105k the timing belt was replaced. I'm not sure what else has really been done since I've only had the car for 5k miles. I also have a video of the sound. It makes a different noise on deacceleration as you can hear towards the end of the video.


Thanks for all the help as I am not sure what to do or if it is even safe to drive to a shop to have them look at it. Just trying to get a few ideas of what to look at and to expect.





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