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Head Choices

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So wanting to pick a few brains on here regarding head choices.


Posted his up in the Liberty forum aswell but figure the userbase here is much larger and may have some insight to add.


Was originally going to just use my existing DAVCS heads on the Legacy but decided its a pain in the ass as the car will then be out of action for whatever time it takes to sort out so looking for some other ones to mate to the EJ257.


Turbo is going to be a HRC35/2 which is essentially a tweaked Holset HX35


Know someone with some V7 STI and BL/BP ones up for grabs so thinking they're the easiest options.

Obviously both options would need the combustion chamber altered to match the 257 bore. Guessing the V7 ones would have considerably larger port sizes out of the box so porting shouldn't be as critical as on BL/BP ones.


What kind of response loss would be expected going to the V7 ones with single AVCS over the Legacy DAVCS set? Or STI DAVCS ones?

Legacy ones are stamped U20 if that actually means anything to anyone on this side of the world. Almost no info anywhere online for them.

And what kind of power can actually be achieved on the Legacy ones with minor work done to them? Only know of one that was at about 270 with them on the 20X/Y from memory.


Would have liked some V11 STI ones but chances of finding a set are pretty damn slim down here. Thought about trying to source a set from US/Can but think shipping will be a killer.


Also are there any other common models out there worth trying to source?

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don't know much in this category. Id advise a PM in the direction of some of our major tuning supporters. Tuning Alliance, Cryo Tune, Bren Tuning, Phat Botti Tuning, Delicious Tuning, Also engine builders such as IAG, Prime Motoring, EFI Logics might be able to assist over the phone.
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