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LGT Suspension Concerns

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Hey all,


So for a while my cars ride has been pretty shaky. Going over a speed bump or a pot hole makes the car rock up and down like a mechanical bull. So now I'm thinking it's time to replace the suspension. But I was also thinking maybe invest in some springs that would lower the car too. I've read a few of the other topics about recommendations, but I just want to make sure I get everything I need to do this right. So besides the springs, what else should I buy to get a lower ride and make it nicer? I know barely anything about suspension, so if there's another thread I could read to school me I'd appreciate that too. Thanks!

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You're bouncing up and down because your shocks are blown. No problem. You want to replace your shocks. You want lowering springs too. Great idea. All cars look better lowered and it will perform better because you have lowered the center of gravity of the car. It will feel more planted through the turns. Another nice benefit is that you can get a little bit stiffer suspension than stock without really sacrificing ride quality.


Coilovers are high-performance suspension. But coilovers are aren't really good unless they are very good quality (read super expensive $3000+.) But there's a better option for a street driven car. In the fourth gens, the ideal setup is Koni shocks with a lowering spring of choice. Checking out the 3rd gen forum can tell you what others are using in your car. Koni is a good place to start if there's a setup that fits.


That will fix your issues. Now if you want to get a little more serious, you can think about upgraded swaybars. The Konis and springs will not be super cheap, but it's a fix your car needs, so it's justifiable. Sways will improve handling performance, but they are not strictly necessary to fix your problem. From there, you can get ridiculous with roll-center kits, bushing replacements, including ones that affect alignment specs such as camber and caster. Check out that thread. It really is a gold mine of info if you have some patience to read a good portion of it. It's where I learned most of my suspension knowledge. It's a truly epic awesome thread. Too bad it hides out here in the 3rd gen forum. ;)


Good luck!

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