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Gas door release lever, and cable assembly

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The gas door release on my car has broken off and the lever that it attaches to is completely bound up. (Beside driver seat on floor) Need to use a pair of vice-grips to move it. :mad:


Does anyone happen to know part number(s) for replacement ? 2007 2.5i wagon.


Thanks !

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Chances are you just need a new plastic handle, and the lever assembly is still good. Initially I was going to suggest just cleaning up the lever assembly like I did last year, but it looks like MSRP for that part is only $13.70 USD. So for that much, it might not be a bad idea to just replace it.


Part link. I'm not comfortable giving the part number in case I'm wrong.



Pictures of my old gas/trunk release levers before I cleaned them.. They weren't moving very smoothly because of all the salt and sand build up on them, and they wouldn't go back down on their own. Good as new after.



Attached another picture of the dirty assembly removed from the car. This might be obvious too, but I would clean up and lubricate the cable ends while you're replacing this.


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