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Stumble and Hesitation under load

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Past couple of day when using heavy throttle at 2k rpms the engine bogs down and stumbles pretty good in 3,4 and a little bit in 1st and 5th gear.


No check engine lights unfortunately.


NGK Spark plugs, NGK wires, air filter, fuel filter, oil, clean IACV with new gasket, neutral switch, front and rear o2 sensors and seafoam through the gas tank and vacuum line. all done recently.


Throw me some ideas.

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I was thinking it's something like. But it only happens intermittently between 1600-1900 rpm in certain gears. If I start out at 1500 and go through 2k it won't do it.


I'm going to take it to a buddy of mine with a lift Friday see what we can find I really hope it's not a front differential that's bad.

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