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Window seal/sweep issue


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Hey I posted this in another thread but I think that it was the wrong place. I'll try it here to see if I can get some help


When I roll down the windows on my car, the weather stripping/window seal/window sweep, whatever you want to call it, folds down into the door and sometimes stops my window from rolling down any further. No issues on it's way back up.


I do have tint on my windows but I took it to the same shop that I have for my last 4 cars and I've never had an issue. Any suggestions? I've done some research and I see a lot of people saying to use a silicone spray but then I see a lot of people say NOT to use a silicone spray since it will make the rubber deteriorate. I've seen people say to use Liquid wrench dry lubricant and that seems to work, but for a very temporary amount of time.

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