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Tein S-tech on SpecB Bilsteins


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Just installed the S-tech's on my car last weekend. After one week of driving around, I must say that these are just what I am looking for :lol: . I've had the Spec B struts and springs for around 6-7 months, and liked it very much as it was. But since it was stock height, I always thought that it looked too high. The S-tech's solved that problem by lowering my car about 1 inch all the way around. Since the springs are progressive, it actually feels slightly more compliant over small bumps as compared to the Spec B's. Here are some pics.








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colatkitty, I'm loving your car! I especially love the wheels! They look extremely good. Did you get them from Tire Rack when they were on sale?


Yeah... I got lucky ;) ... I believe they are now $740 a piece:eek: !!! I got them while they were on closeout for around 1/2 the price. The next day after I placed my order, they were sold out.

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