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New to Forum- need help ID-ing wheels


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I am new to the forum and I need some help identifying Legacy/OB wheels.


I looked, but is there a sticky note or a thread with images of the OEM wheels for various years and models of Legacies?


I think the wheel I'm thinking of is from Legacy GT, but maybe from an earlier generation, maybe even from a regular Legacy and not a GT. The style is kind of like the silver Legacy at the top of this website. For lack of a better description, it is a more "elegant" multi-spoked kind of design instead of a sportier 5-spoke design.


I want to find a second set of wheels for my Saab 9-2x, and the fit is the same from what I understand. If I was able to narrow down what year/model wheels it is I'm looking for, then I can start searching the "For Sale" threads and perhaps junk yards.


i just need to know the "name" for my wheels....



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