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Considering a 2005 LGT

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I think the owner is just shooting high to get around book value and probably a bit over from the right buyer. Having said that the 5mt wagon is rare-ish in legacy form. So that is going to push the price a little.


If you are serious find a subaru shop (preferably tuner shop) to give the engine a good looking over, compression, leak-down tests at the minimum. Pay for this inspection up front as many of the used turbo subaru's end up needing a new shortblock. Or #ynansb (you need a new short block) as it has become known on the forum.


Otherwise it looks clean and well taken care of. I would insist on a cold start test drive as well, if the engine is knocking it may not be evident after it has warmed up a bit. Be warned piston slap can sound like knocking, these engines are known for doing both.


If you are comfortable with possible putting a new engine is this car at some point and probably a new transmission, this may be the car for you. It will only get rarer and they are very safe cars.

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This particular one is Stage 3. Basically it's got a different turbo, along with full intake, exhaust, injectors, all aftermarket. I'd be careful buying a car with such mods, and as can be expected that price is much higher than the blue book value. Doesn't look like he cheated out on any parts and I like the color. Doesn't hurt to offer low :)


When the engine starts make sure there's no knocking noise. Check for any smoke out of the exhaust and ask him how it was tuned. If it was dyno tuned by a professional, that would be ideal.

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Yea i wouldnt pay anymore than 10k for that car. And thats after it checks out with a reputable subaru mechanic. The milage is just too high to justify paying any more than that in my opinion


04 JBP STI (sold)

07 DGM Legacy GT (RIP)


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