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Engine knock? Guess it's time for a rebuilt one. Suggestions?

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So, only had the car about a month and I notice a very loud knocking when the car is first started lasting about half to a full second before oil gets moved around. Then when the car is running, there is a slight knocking that can only be heard from inside the car. Can't hear it from outside while standing above the engine bay.


The knocking is noticeable when it's cold outside. You can't hear it when the car is warmed up, and why I didn't catch it before I bought the car because the car was already warmed up when I went to look at it.


Thinking about going rebuilt and was looking at this one:





Unless anyone has any better suggestions on what I should put there instead. Not in a hurry as the engine still runs fine otherwise, and I do have a backup car just in case as well.

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The loud part is when the car is first started right before the oil gets moving for about half to a little less than a second. After that, it can't be heard from the outside. I can only hear it from the inside of the cabin, but it's very quiet.


So piston slap, is it something that I should worry about and/or can/should I do something about it, or don't worry about it?

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every subaru with 100,000k miles on it has some piston slap. A car can run along time with minor piston slap. Get a bottle of Lucas UCL and run it every once and while. I'd worry if it gets worse.


When was the last time the timing belt was done?


Sorry for the crappy video but it's a good example of engine knock

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