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Mystery Coolant leak?

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Hello all!


So I just got back from a business trip went and drove my car 2005 LGT. I notice the temp is rising. When I was cruising the temp went down. I get back home thinking the worst.


I check coolant. It was low, I put some coolant in, bleed the system all is good.


I then notice my res was bubbling.... I then really think the worst. Long story short I put some UV dye in the coolant run the car, got it on the freeway, idled it for over a half hour it was between 190 - 200.


I check the res, its bubbling still. I then see a puddle of coolant on the passenger side, on top of the block. Its like the last little piece before its a gap to the turbo. I can see the uv dye / coolant puddle there, I checked everything in the general area. Turbo coolant return, hoses from the turbo coolant tank, nada. Does anyone have an ideas? Or has this happened to them? I am stumped.

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there is a hard line that goes from middle or bottom of the block to the turbo attached is a pic i took when i did my clutch a few years ago. it could be that if its rusty. did you replace the turbo recently?


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