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Suspension Swap from 1993 Legacy L to 2001 Legacy GT?


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So my 1993 Subaru Legacy was hit when it was parked in my apartment by a teen who was driving a stolen car on a suspended licence...











So I think my car is totaled and am still waiting to hear from insurance.


However I am looking at one or two 2001 Legacy GTs on Saturday and wanted to know if the suspension I had on my 93 would fit on a 2001 GT.


I have KYB AGX struts and 2006 STi springs on the 93.

I tried to search on KYB's website to see the part numbers but have not come up with much luck...


Any help appreciated.


Thank you.

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It wont. The rear was different on the legacies starting in 2000. I would look at a gen 2 legacy if you want to keep the suspension you have.


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Thank you for the reply.


I will not plan to move any of the suspension over then... :(

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