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WRX Pedals and radiator

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So I'm in the middle of doing a WRX swap, have the whole drivetrain in the car and bolted up. I pulled my dash today and went to put on the 04 WRX pedal assembly I have from my donor car and the bolts on the top part dont line up with the body. I pulled them back out and put them next to my outback pedals and sure enough the bolts are about a half inch farther away up top. I'm confused though since I've seen multiple build threads where people have swapped them in. Has anyone else ran into this issue?


Also, I had bought a 2 core WRX radiator only to find out the other day it is about 2 inches too tall to fit in the engine bay. The top of my hood will hit it. Anyone gotten a WRX radiator to fit in their car or have any clever ideas on how to make it work?, the only thing I can think of is to cut the radiator support bar which I really dont want to have to do.

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AFAIK, all turbo radiators are bigger/taller than NA versions and won't fit.


FWIW, I've had 2 turbo swap projects - '90 Legacy and '98 Forester, both of which were tuned for 18Psi and I ran their stock rads w/out issue. If you plan on racing/rallying/etc, then maybe you'll need the bigger unit.


edit: go find what Alphius did on is GT>>WRX swap.



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I used the 1" core from the oddball outback radiators. They were on 96, 97, 98(?) 2.5 outbacks. I have this on an ej22e with td04l at 6 psi manifold pressure. Held up fine for the 5k I have on the build. The fan shrouds are different, but hook up there same to the wiring.
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