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HVAC Actuators tips and tricks

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OMG.....I just did the HVAC actuators on mine (auto/dual climate). What a bitch. Here's some pointers.


First buy this:



And a short stubby screw driver.


On the driver side, you have to remove the gauge cluster, and lower panels. You'll see the very top behind the cluster. The cluster also has two semi-hidden screws that screw from the bottom up. One on each side.


Also when you go to reinstall it, put the PLUG back in first before you do. Line up the top one, then the other two should go on decently easy.


On the passenger side one, glove box needs to be removed. The air mix door is the one closet to the firewall. Since I had the pleasure of replacing all of them. The one closest to the radio is a given. Remove that one, then remove the one closest to the fire wall. However, I wasn't able to remove the bracket, but I was able to remove the motor from the bracket, and slid it in place.


Wasn't too bad, it took me about two hours to do it, but be ready to spend it lying on your back

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