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Problem solved... noisy tires

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I learned something today... Last week I posted a question looking for help about my tires still sounding noisy after removing the snow tires and putting on a new set of Altimax RT 43 tires.


I thought the noise from the front end was the sound made by the snow tires which may have worn, or were aged.


Some forum members pointed me in the direction of the wheel bearings, so I took it in to the Acura dealer where I bought my car and extended warranty. What I learned today, is that wheel bearings can make the same sound as worn tires. Looking back on it, I can see red flags that I missed because I had it in my head that it was a tire sound.


I had both front wheel bearings changed, noise is gone...


Hope this helps some of you that may experience the same thing. The noise is very noticeable, and makes it sound very much like worn or cupped tires.


Thank you to the forum members who helped me out on this problem

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