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Gauging interest: 05 LGT Ltd wagon 5EAT (MA)


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My single-owner 05 LGT Ltd wagon w/ 5EAT blew its turbo over the weekend, and I need to make a decision about repairing or selling. Car is ABP, black leather, and in fair condition inside and out. No accidents, but ~12 years of dents (outside) and kids (inside). Car has around 81500 miles. Needs a new turbo, and the exhaust has rotted so it should get an exhaust before too long. The car is basically stock, only real mod is an iPod input. It has fairly new RE970s, new brakes, and a new timing belt (crank pulley separated about 5k miles ago).


If you're interested let me know, I can send pics or more detail.

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Sadly... Depending on how that turbo blew and what kind of definition you're giving it, even with your low post count but member since 2005 you may well know that could mean the car will need a significant engine rebuild not just a new Turbo. Most people play safe if they want to keep the car so it's new short block and then heads to be worked and new turbo. You should replace the oil cooler and avcs components - it adds up...


Have you checked oil for glitter, do you know exactly what happened to the turbo and if it sent debris into the oil, did you drive it after the turbo blew or did you stop the engine immediately?

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