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Overheating legacy 2010

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I recently got a 2010 Subaru legacy 2.5I with 83k miles from a dealer an having overheating issues. Keep in mind it's under warranty so all this isn't costing me a dime. First they said it was a leaking radiator, an they replaced it. Car started to overheat after 30 minutes of driving. They replaced thermostat, one side was stuck closed an one open.. Still overheating.. They did block test an it checked out ok they said. Than they replaced the water pump, but that didn't change a thing.. For a while they were blaming an air pocket. When I was driving the car I did notice that I could here water sloshing sound behind the dash. After searching on the internet, a clogged heater core could be causing that. Could that cause the car to over heat?


Anyones input is welcome, suggestions an all please help.


There next move is getting a different radiator, that's last update I got from them.

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What wrxwhit said, X2!


If the PO ever overheated then a cylinder head or head gasket may have suffered some ill effect from overstress. A failing head gasket or crack allowing cylinder pressure to escape into water jacket could cause (the appearance of) overheating and potentially create a gurgling-sloshing noise, as you described. There's got to be evidence of exhaust gases in the cooling system. I'd almost expect to see percolation at the overflow bottle, not likely at idle but more-so with engine under load and at part throttle operation.


There are not many effective ways to test for something like this other than by close observation. "They said" they tested the block and that it passed, eh? Did they say how they tested it or specifically what kind of test they did?

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