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Best method to remove dealer or driver installed swirl marks?

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My Legacy has 130,000 miles and the paint isn't bad but it was some major circle scratches and swirls. I always take good care when I wash my car and I'm sure those swirls where from the previous owner.


Can anyone recommend or pitch in their ideas how to remove them or try to hide them. The swirls only show in the sun.



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Dealer installed swirls. That right there is funny. Sad but funny.

I also have dealer installed swirls. The car was dirty when I test drove it and the dealer was swamped that day. I told them I'd be glad to pick up the car the next day so they'd have plenty of time to clean it up but they insisted on putting me in the car that day, probably feared I'd back out.

So we waited. And waited. And waited.

When I finally received it their detailer had done a crappy job with clean up, the windows were smeared and streaked, and there were swirl marks in the paint.

Can't hire good help.

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