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Touring rear bumper removal and correct fitment

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I've searched on the forum and spent too long on-line finding nothing specific, so can anyone please cast some light on how the rear bumper is fitted to the touring model?

I have an issue with the car after a trip to bodyshop, where on one side only the front point of the rear bumper is sticking out about 1/2"... It pushes back into place but there's no retention and after a drive the air pressure is enough to push it out again :confused:

I've popped the arch liner out to have a look and can only feel the metal lip of the quarter panel and not the top of the bumper or any clip etc.

Are there clips under there that should hold down the front edge, or is it all held straight and in place by the metal frame side support/bracket things?

I'd really appreciate some help on this one please, especially before I go back to the bodyshop and get messed around.

Thanks :)

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If its any help to anyone else I found out after the fix, where the fittings are....


>Usual couple of clips under each rear light cluster.

>Row of 4 clips under the rear lip of the bumper - with mine these were coincidental with the fitment of the lower lip spoiler.

>There's a sneaky self tapping screw at the leading (front) edge of each bumper side - this is about 2-3" in and accessed by lifting the arch liner away.

>There's also a peculiar clip/pin (59122PA010) at the front edge that protrudes upwards into the bodywork - this is what was damaged and left the rear bumper hanging off slightly.


With all these fittings removed the bumper slides off backwards away from the car.


Fitment is all good now with that damaged clip replaced.


While looking into this I found there's a plate that is riveted to each inner side of the rear bumper. These were replaced on mine during the repair as they were damaged in the collision.

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