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BH OEM plastic to OEM momo steering wheel swap

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Long time listener first time caller. I have 98 Brighton Wagon (will be JDM since I am in NZ). It came with a plastic steering wheel and the cushioning is separating from the wheel, making it feels really spongy (pic attached). So I want to replace the wheel.


I was wondering if I can just swap in one of the OEM Momo wheels from another BH/BE car and use my existing airbag? I emailed a local Subaru parts specialist/wrecker and he is a bit reluctant, especially when I mentioned getting one with an intact airbag rather than trying to swap my airbag to the new wheel:


the more I think about it I would be surprised if the airbag system will work if you change the steering wheel
to a Momo type.There are a multitude of airbag computer numbers that all apply to different specs /ages of BH models and also different clocksprings which provide the current connection to detonate the airbag.I also doubt the legality of changing it as you are moving away from the manufacturers specs for that particular model.

It is possible that some parts may interchange but it is a big unknown.For that reason we are reluctant to sell parts to change this system.We do not want to compromise the safety of anyone who drives the vehicle as we could be held accountable if the airbag failed to inflate correctly in an accident.

If you can be sure it will work we will sell you a steering wheel but you would have to realise it is non returnable and we take no responsibility for you fitting it.

Has anyone done a similar swap? I have searched the forum and it sounds like it should be fine, though I am second guessing myself after this email. Have also attached a photo from another parts supplier of what looks the wheel I want, that I think the existing airbag would slot straight into...



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I dont think youll have an issue. I swapped a JDM MOMO impreza wheel into my 00 BE. Air bag plugged right in. All I had to do was switch the back plate because i had cruise control. Note: make sure when pulling the old wheel off, you leave the nut on a few threads so you don't smack yourself in the face when you yank on the wheel free.
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Thanks, have seen the warning about leaving the nut on in the how-to guides so will be very careful:)


Have a JDM momo wheel from a BE on the way with airbag included so will hopefully be a straight swap as a I don't have cruise control.

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